WCO IT/TI Panel: Exploring the Potential of Machine Learning

WCO IT/TI Conference & Exhibition
12-14 June 2019
Baku, Azerbaijan

Melissa Odegaard
Director of Marketing, S2 Global

Stream D: Exploring the potential of machine learning, the benefits of centralized NII image interpretation and the human competencies to unleash the full potential of technology
Moderator: Melissa Odegaard
13 June 2019 • 11:30-13:30

Topics and questions to be discussed:
Customs administrations worldwide aim at deploying solutions that save time and resources and assist them in performing their functions effectively. Are Customs fully aware of the potential of machine learning? In what setting would centralized NII image interpretation work best? And does Customs staff possess the knowledge and skills to reap real benefits from the latest technological solutions?


  • Mr. Wilhelmus Van Heeswijk, Policy Officer Supply Chain Security & Customs Detection Technology Expert, European Commission
  • Mr. Joris Groeneveld, Senior Advisor X-ray scanning and Radiation detection
  • Ms. Zhao Huan, Deputy Director General of Science and Technology Department, General Administration of China Customs
  • Mr. Wu Youyi, CIO of the General Administration of China Customs
  • Mr. Garret K. Reinhart, Branch Chief, Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII), U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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