5 Key Takeaways from WCO IT – Lima, Peru

Advances in information technology (IT) can help create a reliable digital landscape that enhances cross-border trade, a theme explored in depth at the 2018 World Customs Organization IT Conference (WCO ITC).

The event attracted key stakeholders and provided an opportunity to discuss current developments in Customs and border management IT solutions. The Conference & Exhibition, held in Lima, Peru, attracted 600 delegates from 75 countries and was supported by 32 sponsors and exhibitors, including S2 Global. S2 Global’s Melissa Odegaard moderated a session on cybersecurity and issues in data protection.

Here are 5 key takeaways:

  1. Digital offers opportunities and challenges: The rapid evolution of digital technology is opening up new opportunities in many economic areas, but these changes also bring challenges. WCO Secretary General Dr. Kunio Mikuriya called for the timely exploration of the possibilities technology can offer to improve connectivity at borders utilizing a “whole-of-government” approach.
  2. New technologies can revolutionize Customs: Providing efficient, cost-effective services to foreign traders must also include ensuring the safety and security of the supply chain. Victor Shiguiyama Kobashigawa, National Superintendent of the Customs and Tax Administration of Peru (SUNAT), said these objectives can be achieved through the use of new technologies and digital transformation, which will provide a chance to radically improve the performance and scope of Customs administration.
  3. The Internet of Things (IoT) can play a role in supply-chain management: The Conference included a discussion of the use of IoT technologies in supply chain management. Experts said that Customs and other border agencies will be able to benefit from the use of data generated from IoT technologies by retailers and producers in their cross-border supply chains.
  4. IT, AI to become more central to successful movement of goods: The Conference highlighted IT topics attracting the attention of Customs and the broader community involved in commercial trade. These included identifying ways in which artificial intelligence (AI), supported by big data, data mining and data analytics, can secure and facilitate cross-border E-Commerce.
  5. Data security is a concern in the trade environment: The cybersecurity session moderated by S2 Global’s Melissa Odegaard explored some of the major concerns in successfully managing information security, including issues of data protection. Another session explored how Blockchain technology is being used by Customs officials today, with several pilot projects currently underway.

Conference presentations will be available on the 2018 WCO ITC web site.

S2 Global was proud to take part in these essential discussions about the role of IT in addressing Customs and border management needs. S2 Global is committed to providing state-of-the-art security screening and inspection technology solutions to ensure our customers’ security, operational and financial goals. Contact us for more information.