Port Security and Efficiency: Data Management Is Key

Industry expert forecasts strongly point to data and digital technologies as key influences in successfully developing the secure, efficient port of the future.

Frost & Sullivan’s Global Port Security Market, Forecast to 2023 cites strategic imperatives for successful port security:

  • Developing innovative cyber-resilient technologies that proactively counter evolving cyber threats;
  • Developing strategic partnerships with niche cyber-security suppliers;
  • Making cybersecurity the center of efforts to address increasing challenges in a heightened threat landscape; and
  • Developing clear solutions with actionable intelligence and seamless integration with existing architecture.

Threats from illegal movement of individuals, weapons, drugs and other illicit materials are driving efforts to beef up port security technology, according to Frost & Sullivan Security Analyst Rakesh Vishwanath. “Software requirements for screening equipment and integration of this into the overall port security environment will increase across regions as well.”

McKinsey & Company reaches similar conclusions in Container Shipping: The Next 50 Years, a projection of how the container industry will reinvent itself for the digital age. “Across the industry, all winners will have fully digitized their customer interactions and operating systems and will be closely connected via data ecosystems.”

McKinsey says integration will be key. “Carriers and terminal operators share a particularly rich agenda: bigger vessels paired with investments in infrastructure for terminals, complete transparency on ship arrivals and berthing (thanks to geospatial analytics), and larger containers.” The forecast says to expect “increased efforts to establish data ecosystems that enable real time data sharing between multiple participants,” citing an increase in investments in digitizing internal processes and development of integrated IT infrastructures.

S2 Global’s CertScanTM technology can play a critical role in securing and optimizing the port of the future. CertScanTM is a data integration platform and rules engine capable of providing a complete intelligence picture, enabling customers to increase screening capacity and share data with stakeholders, leading to a highly efficient inspection process. CertScanTM is currently in use at over 40 non-intrusive inspection (NII) sites worldwide.

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“Ninety percent of global trade is carried out by the shipping industry”

— [Frost & Sullivan]

“The ‘digital port’ will be a critical issue by 2023”

— [Frost & Sullivan]

“…all winners will have fully digitized their customer interactions and operating systems and will be closely connected via data ecosystems.”

— [McKinsey]