Preparing Your Screening Workforce For Today’s Threat Environment

Training personnel to detect contraband and deter threats or to screen spectators to ensure the safety of a large event will require an increasing level of preparation and sophistication. The good news is that technology and training content and methods are coming together to ensure development of a workforce with the skills and knowledge to keep people safe.

Here are some key trends to respond to today’s challenges:

  • Use of web-based training programs. Gary Heffner, S2 Global Director of Training, notes that traditional methods of instruction and evaluation involving human proctors cannot ensure consistency of content delivery. Web-based programs can do that, and they also are cost-effective. In addition, web-based programs provide maximum flexibility to tailor the training to your specific needs with modules that can be incorporated for your setting, whether it is a port of entry at a border or the admissions gate at a golf tournament.
  • Technology + automation + human intelligence. While there is a lot of buzz about technology and automation replacing humans, the reality is the strongest approach to safety and security is an integration of technological and human capabilities. In essence, human-assisted artificial intelligence will drive security decisions, so a highly trained workforce will be a crucial determinant of success. Technology will augment human intelligence, not replace it.
  • Cross training. While it makes sense to match the role of personnel with their strongest skill sets, succeeding in today’s security environment demands agility and flexibility. In the screening setting, risk analysis of incoming data may prompt a realignment of human resources on the fly. Your workforce must be ready to pivot to new tasks as needed.
  • Exposure to real-world scenarios. The complexity of today’s threat environment dictates that the security and screening workforce be ready to assess and manage a range of realities, not simulations. Images and data from real-world inspection situations provide the content for training that is as close to actual work experience as possible.

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