Finding the Balance in Keeping Fans Safe

S2 Global and sister company Rapiscan Systems can provide the balanced approach needed for security screening at large events, says Jonathan Fleming, S2 Global President. In an interview with WLOX-TV, he notes that with tragic events in Las Vegas and elsewhere around the world, “The threat has definitely changed, and with that comes a necessity for technology to detect some of those threats.”

Fleming describes an array of screening and security tools that, working together with trained professionals, can provide the screening needed to safeguard an event while still keeping things moving efficiently. These include screening people, vehicles, bags and boxes. A fairly new entry in the threat detection arsenal is deployed aerially: drones with radiation detection capabilities.

Attendees at large events want to feel safe, but don’t want to feel overly constrained. “We don’t want to put a barrier between them and the event they want to attend and the good time they want to have, but at the same time keep them safe,” he says. “Finding that balance is probably really the most difficult element of what we do, getting that balance right every day.”

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