Certification Programs

Trained personnel are key to maximizing the full capabilities of screening technology. At S2 University, our certification programs, developed by former field operatives are geared towards providing students with real-world experience and detailed processes. Our image analysis training for cargo and vehicle inspection uses real-world inspection situations – not simulations. All students must complete the fundamentals certification to become familiar with the proper processes in analyzing; after that we offer more advanced certifications to become a more advanced analyst.

Cargo and Vehicle Image Analysis – Fundamentals

Our in depth fundamentals certification for cargo and vehicle image analysis teaches the student our proprietary processes for image analysis and gives practice cargo conveyances with image labs to hone those skills.

Cargo and Vehicle Image Analysis – Intermediate

To further develop the ability to detect anomalies such as drugs, weapons, currency and other contraband, the Intermediate certification includes specific image labs for practice.

Cargo and Vehicle Image Analysis – Expert

Our Expert level certification goes into further investigation of anomalies such as drugs, weapons, currency and other contraband to help students seeking supervisory roles use real world experience in their analyzing.