Achieving True Command and Control

Developing true command and control in security operations can lead to breakthrough improvements, but it requires emphasizing the quality of data as much as the quantity of people or goods moving through the security process.

Regardless of the environment – an airport, a stadium or a port of entry – pressures are mounting to move people, bags, cargo and vehicles quickly through security screening while achieving cost efficiencies. Yet the volume of people and things on the move is increasing, not decreasing. The result can be trying to do too much and taking too long, while failing to deploy resources effectively.

The key is to bring the big picture into sharper focus, pulling together relevant and valuable data from multiple sources to drive targeted security assessments and decisions.

Integration of data generated by checkpoint technology and other sources can provide the solution to meet this challenge, ensuring true command and control with the most relevant data informing decision-making. The result can be enhanced security, operational efficiencies, revenue collection, compliance, resource deployment, and user experience.

S2 Global’s Port of San Juan scanning operation pioneered the integration of inspection images and adjudication with other systems such as access control, critical data from manifests, and sharing with local enforcement and compliance agencies. The CertScan® platform employs integration to boost the efficacy of inspections in any setting, whether screening goods at a port of entry or fans attending at a sporting event at a stadium.

The benefits of this approach include:

Faster processing of people and goods – synthesis of data generated by multiple sources and application-specific business rules provides an opportunity to automate manual processes and control specific flows.

Agile decision-making to target resources – the availability of more granular information facilitates making crucial decisions, such as the most effective deployment of personnel, shifting as needed, and the appropriate use of automation to streamline processing of people and goods.

Enhanced collaboration – data generated internally and from outside services creates an intelligence loop to share across networks.

The result will be a more efficient and successful screening process, shaped by decisions that are informed by integrated, rich data.

S2 Global is committed to providing state-of-the-art security screening and inspection technology solutions to ensure our customers’ security, operational and financial goals. Contact us for more information.