Achieving Global Aviation Security

  • Enhance risk awareness and response;
  • Develop security culture and human capability;
  • Improve technological resources and innovation;
  • Improve oversight and quality assurance; and,
  • ​Increase cooperation and support.

The plan identifies a key outcome as improved technological resources and increased innovation. ICAO says this outcome can be achieved through the following:

  • Enhance technical advice to States.
  • Promote innovative techniques and technologies by States and industry.
  • Promote consistency of technical specifications for security equipment.
  • Consider minimum technical specifications for security equipment.
  • Increase use of appropriate technology for screening and facilitation.
  • Develop and improve the efficiency of certification processes and operational use of security equipment, including human factors.
  • Consider and evaluate the use of passenger information to inform and assist aviation security.

The full report is available here: