About Us

S2 University is managed by a team of executives from S2 Global, a leading provider of large-scale inspection programs. Whether large or small, training is key to our successful solutions. Our training developers have decades of experience in security operations and offer their knowledge at S2 University to help agencies learn techniques that can contribute to an efficient screening program.

Our Approach

S2 University follows a field-tested approach to learning. By covering important concepts through media courses and giving students hands on training using real world tools, our courses and certifications prepare each student to be their best in the field.

When an agency or school becomes a member in S2 University, the can be assured that our training covers critical concepts and processes. Administrators are able to track students’ progress and determine training needs beyond initial certifications.


S2 Global manages large-scale screening operations in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Albania where our training is critical to keeping an efficient program. In addition, S2 University training has been taken by international students in Customs & Border and Event Security agencies.